Heartlands Baby Sanctuary has won the Best Childcare Service in South Africa, awarded by the international Prestige Awards, run out of the UK.

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TEAM, and of course, hats off to our most brilliant CEO, Monica Buitendag.

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary, based in Somerset West, Western Cape, is a temporary residential safe care facility for 25 children at any given time.

We provide individual specialised care and support to children in desperate need of care and protection from birth to 6 years. Children are placed with a valid court order from the Children’s Court.

After the Children’s Court proceedings are finalised, they are either reunited with their parents or family members, placed in foster care, transferred to other long-term facilities or adopted. We strive to develop the family bond by either visiting or being accommodated in the mother’s room. We educate them on how to nurture and safely care for their children, once reunited back at home.

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary is a registered Child and Youth Care Centre and Community Mental Health Facility.

It is gratifying to experience the success of the services Heartlands has been able to offer. This was only made possible by the generosity of our loyal supporters; who all helped us play a significant role in providing care for the innocent and vulnerable.


Annual Report

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary is a registered NPO. No. 165-422. All proceeds raised are directly in aid of the centre's children

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Training & Conference Room

These were developed and implemented in order to generate income to work towards becoming more self-sustainable. These are currently contributing 24% to our annual budget.


Heartlands Book Shop

An all-time favourite has made its come back! Heartlands Bookshop is now open for business with a great new selection of books at the same unbelievable price.


Financial security and support enable us to continue caring for these children as residential care is expensive.
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  • Donor Testimony

    “Itec Cape Town is honoured to have the opportunity to assist Heartlands Baby Sanctuary in their quest to provide a better quality of life to the children under their care. The love and care given to children is crucial to shaping their outlook in life. We at Itec are dedicated to a brighter future for South Africa which begins with a happy and healthy start for our future decision makers”

    Fatima Polder Itec Cape Town
  • Donor Testimony

    “There can be little more heart breaking than a child in need. Fortunately, there are places like Heartlands Baby Sanctuary, a safe and happy place where these most vulnerable people can be nurtured. The dedicated and warm-hearted staff provides each child that enters this first-rate facility, however briefly, with all the love and care needed to help bring them back to vitality, giving them a better chance of flourishing during this vital stage of development. ”

    Claire Furphy
  • Donor Testimony

    “We gained insight how important the work in the baby sanctuary was and followed up the development of the children from the committal to the release. We saw the shiny eyes, We saw the physical strengthened small Bodies. We saw the result of what the program did to the children and to the community.There was no doubt, when Monica Buitendag approached us with the idea to continue her work for the children, that we will continue our help and support as nothing has changed in the need for these children. ”

    Frans and Lilo Seibold