About the book

Ma and Pa Ostrich have a clutch of eggs that are almost ready to hatch. But while Ma Ostrich is out for her morning stroll, another egg rolls in front of her so she kindly takes it home to be with her own.

Soon her own chicks hatch, as does the stranger chick, who they call Taka. He is welcomed into the family and treated exactly as one of their own. But no matter how much he tries to do the same things as his playmates, he struggles to do what they do and looks odd too. What’s more he has a constant longing to stretch his wings and fly up into the sky.

But the ostrich family fear that he will come to terrible harm and stop him from flying. After all, ostriches simply don’t fly. It isn’t long before a terrible drought begins and the ostrich family are desperate for water. Taka wants to help and says if they’ll allow him, he could fly until he can find a place where there is water.

And sure enough, that is what Taka does. It’s then that the ostriches realise that Taka isn’t really an ostrich at all but a magnificent eagle.

The rhyming verse of “Taka Wants To Fly” is accompanied by charming and often humourous illustration, that are bound to capture the imagination of young readers.

About Irene Berman

The inspiration for “TAKA WANTS TO FLY” stems from Irene Berman’s love of nature, children and her work as a Social Worker/Therapist at the Child Welfare Society Adoption Centre, assisting adult adoptees to trace their biological parents.

About the book

This richly illustrated story is about a young Nguni calf, who questions his identity in relation to other cattle breeds, and his loving mother, who responds by telling him a tale of the origins and importance of his own breed, the indigenous Nguni. She also explains the names of his relatives and shows him the multi-coloured and patterned hides which make Nguni cattle unique. The hand-painted original illustrations and sensitive text draw upon Africans' love and respect for Nguni cattle, explaining to a new generation the importance and myths surrounding them.

In 2007 “The Cool Nguni” by was one of the winners of the Exclusive Books IBBY SA Awards for children’s book writers and illustrators.

About Maryanne Bester and Shayle Bester

Both Bester Sisters graduated from the University of Natal, Shayle majoring in Fine Arts and Maryanne in Dramatic Arts.

About the book

“Three Friends and a Taxi” is based on a classic tale told all across Africa that teaches children to think about the consequences of their actions. This charmingly illustrated book follows Sheep, Goat, and Dog as they impulsively decide to take a taxi ride to the sea, only to discover they can't pay the fare.

“Three Friends and a Taxi” was a winner of the 2004 Sappi Isiqalo Book Competition, which encourages South African authors and illustrators to develop material with a local idiom to promote reading, writing and access to books for all.

About the book

Soms is geluk soos ’n vergete peperment in jou skoolbaadjiesak.

Toe Arnelia en haar ma van Kaapstad na Potchefstroom verhuis, besluit sy dit is die ideale geleentheid om die draaiboek van haar lewe te herskryf. ’n Nuwe dorp en ’n nuwe skool is die perfekte geleentheid om haarself te herontwerp. Ongelukkig loop haar planne sommer uit die staanspoor skeef. Maar toe Arnelia uit die bloute ’n groot rol in die skool se produksie van Hairspray losslaan, word haar nuwe vriendskappe tot die uiterste beproef, en sy word gedwing om haar moeilike verhouding met haar pa reguit in die oë te kyk … ’n Heerlike tienerverhaal propvol humor en deernis, wat bewys dat geluk dikwels in die klein dingetjies skuil.

About Zelda Bezuidenthout

Zelda Bezuidenthout het vir amper dertig jaar as tweetalige kopieskrywer in die reklamebedryf gewerk – die meeste van daai jare as ’n vryskutskrywer. Sy het in die middel van 2017 haar eerste boek, “As mens geluk kon proe”, geskryf. Dit is as naaswenner in LAPA se jeugromankompetisie bekroon.

About the book

“Kara Immelman se lewe is eintlik nogal uitgesorteer. Sy is in matriek en hoewel sy heeltemal te skaam is om gewild te wees, het sy vir Eduard, haar beste vriend van laerskooldae af. Sy is ook haar skool se topswemmer en die moontlikheid van ’n swembeurs wink. Al gebeur daar nie veel op die dorpie waar hulle woon nie, het sy en Eduard groot planne om eendag die wêreld te sien. Planne wat aangevuur word deur hulle gedeelde passie vir flieks. Wanneer Samantha egter op die toneel verskyn, herrangskik dit Kara en Eduard se hele bestaan. Want Sam is nie net onmoontlik mooi nie, sy speel ook volgens haar eie reëls.

About the book

From his high pedestal, the Happy Prince, a magnificent golden statue, can see all the misery of the city below him. He begs a little swallow to pluck off his treasure and share it amongst the poor. When the Happy Prince asks his new friend to stay and help him, the swallow receives a lesson in kindness and caring. Oscar Wilde’s timeless, compassionate tale of friendship is brought to life through magical artwork.

About Carole Bloch

Carole Bloch is widely recognised as an international early literacy expert. She was inducted into the Reading Hall of Fame in 2017.

About the book

The Three Billy Goats Gruff are hungry and tired of living in the dusty and thorny veld. Just across the bridge there is a koppie covered in sweet, green grass that they would love to eat. But they are afraid of the fierce monster who lives under the bridge. One day they are so hungry that they decide to be brave and cross the bridge. Will they outsmart the monster or will he catch them and gobble them up? “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” retold by Carole Bloch and illustrated by Shayle Bester.

About the book

When Jasper spots a strange sign pinned to a tree, he has no idea of the wild adventure that’s in store for him. In the company of the disapproving Londiwe, her small sister Tumi, an Eagle Owl, a Bushsnake and a ragtag of other animals, he sets off along the disappearing path to the scary realm where the Unhumans live. Along the way, he must get over his conditioned aversion to snakes, owls, forest creepy-crawlies and other non-human lifeforms, and realise that animals are much more than just ‘meals on wheels’.

Elana Bregin

Elana Bregin is an award-winning author whose name has been well-known among school teachers and librarians for her prizewinning young adult novels such as ‘The Red-haired Khumalo’ and ‘The Boy from the Other Side’.

About the book

Grace Millar, who is 13 years old and thinks she is invisible. But then one note leads Grace on a journey of mystery, self-discovery and a secret world, which changes everything she thought she knew about herself and her family. And as Grace looks for answers about what really happened to her father and questions whether her secret admirer is who he says he is and what her mother is hiding from her, she discovers that her life will never be the same again.

About Emily Briggeman

Thirteen-year-old Emily Briggeman from Durban North started to write her book “Tribes” at the start of lockdown.

About the book

Zoë Brown is popular for being a radio and TV presenter. She co-hosts a breakfast show on SABC3. The show is called; Expresso. The gorgeous presenter has hosted the show since 2015. Zoë Brown is also a passionate humanitarian.

About the book

This feisty collection of brand-new poems is a celebration of the achievements of women and girls throughout history. It includes poems about Malala Yousafzai, Rosa Parks, Margaret Hamilton, Ada Lovelace, Helen Keller, Mary Shelley, Edith Cavell and many more.

“Reaching the Stars” won the Somerset Teachers’ book Awards in 2017.

About Liz Brownlee

Liz Brownlee is a British poet and author who writes children’s poetry. She’s also a National Poetry Day Ambassador for the Forward Arts Foundation.

About the book

This is the ultimate book on South African innovations! Read about dozens of items that we use every day but which had very humble beginnings. Written in a highly readable style and richly illustrated, it will astonish, surprise and inspire you.

About Professor Mike Bruton

Professor Mike Bruton was born and educated in South Africa, where he obtained his PhD degree from Rhodes University. Mike initially followed a career in marine biology but, over the past two decades, has focused on science centre and museum design and development, the psychology of learning, and the history of Islamic science.

‘Mike Bruton Imagineering’ is a new chapter in Professor Bruton’s career where he plans to use all the knowledge he has gained over his extensive career to guide and provide services in the fields of authorship, science centre development, aquatic research management, Imagineering as well as to inspire with informative talks on science, technology and the environment.