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Verse vir tieners deur tieners In hierdie unieke boek is versies opgeneem wat deur hoërskoolleerders geskryf is. Marita van der Vyver, bekroonde skrywer van “Al wat ek weet”, het die leerders begelei tydens die skryfproses.

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Otter, Mongoose and Squirrel never go anywhere. One sunrise, they wake to the excited chatter of birds returning from their yearly journey to the north. This inspires the three friends to go on a trip of their own. Because they can’t fly, they build a boat and set off across the water, but things don’t work out quite as they planned. Although their great adventure turns out to be short-lived, they all agree that, in the end, it was worth it.

About Samantha van Riet

Samantha van Riet have been involved in the South African publishing industry for the past fourteen years. She currently specialises in illustrations for Children's Story Books, Educational, Natural History, and Cooking Books. She loves working on stories that have elements of fantasy. She uses Pantones, pencil and pastels as well as line and water colour wash techniques

About the book

Is jy gereed om jou brein te bliksem?

Viljoen se jeugverhaaldebuut BreinBliksem speel af in Bloemfontein, waar hy woon. Die skrikwekkende storie word vertel soos gesien deur die benewelde brein van die hoofkarakter, Chris Burns.

“Ek maak vir jou die hel oop” lees die SMS wat Chris Burns aan sy pêl, Kerbs een reënerige aand in Bloemfontein stuur. En al is dit net ‘n tikfout, voorspel hierdie SMS dat die volgende paar dae hel gaan wees.

Burns help vir Kerbs om by sy ma se motor in te breek. Die goed wat hulle steel gaan verkwansel Kerbs by ‘n pandjieswinkel. Hulle beplan om die geld te gebruik vir hulle trip na die BreinBliksem rockfees wat by Allemanskraaldam gehou gaan word.

‘n Paar dae voor die konsert kry Sky Eyes, hulle ander pêl, ‘n epileptiese aanval in die Mystic Boer, ‘n uithangplek vir jongmense. Maar Burns weet dit was méér as net ‘n aanval. Hy ken vir Sky. Hy kan dit in sy bang oë sien. En dit is ook so – Sky vertel later vir Burns dat hy ‘n visioen gehad het van bloed en dat hulle moet wegbly van BreinBliksem af. Maar ten spyte van Sky se waarskuwing vat die drie ouens tog die N1 Noord na BreinBliksem. Langs die pad tel hulle vir Partygirl, wat ook op pad is na die rockfees, op. Partygirl met die swart T-hemp, cherry rooi lippe, blou-blou oë en ‘n vel soos vanilla yogurt.

Daar is dadelik ‘n konneksie tussen Burns en Partygirl. En later die aand, alleen in hulle tent, stroop hulle mekaar se klere af terwyl die rock musiek nog van die stage se kant af weerklink en vasslaan in die vertes.

Maar dan gebeur daar iets wat Burns se vertroue in sy pêlle onomkeerbaar skaad. Burns se hele wêreld word by BreinBliksem op sy kop gekeer.

Een van hulle kom daardie aand uit die tent met bloed aan sy hande.

En niks is ooit weer dieselfde nie.

Wenner: Sanlam-prys vir Jeuglektuur 2005 en M.E.R-prys vir jeuglektuur 2005

About Fanie Viljoen

Fanie Viljoen. Skrywer, dagdromer, koffiedrinker.

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’n Boek oor seerkry en wraak…

In een hellenag konfronteer die swerwende, naamlose hoofkarakter sy duiwels kaalvuis; ontmoet hy vreemde en skrikwekkende karakters wat sy innerlike demone laat lewe kry; vertroetel hy sy wraakgedagtes soos ’n magasyn vol koeëls; lek hy die wonde van sy tienerseerkry. Hierdie is ’n nie ’n boek vir sensitiewe lesers nie. Dis ’n boek wat tieners én hul ouers moet lees. Dis ’n boek oor seerkry en wraak. En tog is dit ’n boek wat onverwags troos en begrip, soos pleisters, uitdeel. Dis ’n vuishou van ’n boek.

Met Pleisters vir die dooies het Viljoen baanbrekerswerk gelewer en sodoende ’n grensverskuiwende oomblik in die Afrikaanse jeuglektuur teweeg gebring. Hierdie roman is Afrikaans se eie Catcher in the Rye wat die tienerpsige tot op die been ontgin ten spyte van die “donker” onderwerpe wat aangeraak word.

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This book tells the exciting story of how a cryptographer helped capture rum runners and break up Nazi spy rings. The back matter shows kids how they can crack the code and exchange secret messages with their friends. Scattered throughout the book's illustrations are hidden messages for kids to find and decode. For those who want to learn more, the back matter also includes a description of how codes and ciphers work, as well as information about cryptography today. Readers will learn how to keep their information safe, whether shopping online, surfing the web, or simply texting.

About Carole Bloch

Laurie Wallmark is the author of several award-winning STEM picture books about women, including Ada Byron Lovelace & the Thinking Machine. She have an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts and am co-chair of the Rutgers University Council on Children's Literature. She teaches Computer Science when she's not writing books.


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Zukiswa Wanner brings young readers a retelling of the classic fairy tale, Rapunzel, with a uniquely South African twist. Refilwe is the story of the dreadlocked beauty who is stuck in a cave on top of a mountain awaiting her prince, Tumi. This take on the classic tale will have the children chanting, “Refilwe, Refilwe let down your locks . . . So I can climb the scraggy rocks!” Based on the original version but reimagined for African children, the tale is enriched with magical illustrations by Tamsin Hinrichsen that will keep all children entranced and foster in them a love of reading.

Zukiswa Wanner

Zukiswa Wanner is a South African journalist, novelist and editor born in Zambia and now based in Kenya. Since 2006, when she published her first book, her novels have been shortlisted for awards including the South African Literary Awards and the Commonwealth Writers' Prize. She is also a founding member of ReadSA, a campaign that encourages South Africans to read South African works.

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Arabella lives in a normal suburb in Johannesburg. It seems her life is going to stay normal forever -- until her father dies and she thinks she'll never get over the sadness of it. But then she discovers a hidden world filled with magical creatures in the garden, after being given a special mongongo nut by Khanyi the mealie lady. There are enemies in the garden too: hadedas, led by their king Ozymandias, who want to steal the mongongo nut for their own evil birds, but will they be strong enough to fight high up in the skies of Johannesburg, where lighting strikes and hadedas swoop down upon them?

About Hamilton Wende

Hamilton Wende is based in Johannesburg and has over 30 years’ experience in journalism and the media.

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The OAKY series of picture books for 4- to 9-year-olds, follows the adventures of OAKY, an acorn that grows into a big oak tree. There aren't many books for young children that are fun, educational and uplifting while simultaneously free of violence, gender stereotypes and racial stereotypes. The OAKY series seeks to fill this gap. The books are magnificently illustrated by the talented Taryn Lock. Over 100,000 OAKY books have been sold or distributed through Read to Rise.

About Athol Williams and Taryn Lock

READ to RISE was founded in September 2013 by husband-and-wife team, Athol Williams and Taryn Lock. Both Athol and Taryn are passionate about literacy, education and helping others.

Athol grew up in Westridge, Mitchells Plain (Cape Town, South Africa), so is very aware of the challenges that children face. Today, Athol is a businessman, philosopher and poet and attributes his success to reading and education. He has a personal library of 10,000 books and is a firm believer in the power and magic of reading. He is the living example of reading to rise.

Taryn was born and raised in Johannesburg (South Africa). She has an honours degree in Mathematics from WITS University and has worked in financial services many years as a strategy analyst. Illiteracy is a huge problem in SA and being passionate about literacy and wanting to make a real difference in SA, Taryn quit her corporate job to start up READ to RISE with Athol. Taryn is the Executive Director of READ to RISE. She was one of Mail & Guardian's Top 200 Young South Africans in 2014 for her work in civil society through READ to RISE.


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The stars are the limit for a little girl who acts out her wish to be an astronaut inspired by a very special person. Astrid has loved the stars and space for as long as she can remember. “I want to be an astronaut!” she says to everyone who will listen.

While her mama is away, Astrid and her papa have fun acting out the challenges an astronaut faces on a space mission “ like being in zero gravity, I can do that all day long!” she says, eating food from a kind of tube, and doing science experiments with the help of cookie sheets.

When at last it’s time to meet Mama at the air base, Astrid wears her favourite space T-shirt to greet her. But where exactly has Mama been? Channelling a sense of childlike delight, Ken Wilson-Max brings space travel up close for young readers and offers an inspiring ending.

Astro Girl won the UK science awards Early Years STEM award as well as being chosen as one of the Bank Street College of Education’s 2020 Best Children’s Books of the Year in the US and is available in Afrikaans, English, isiXhosa and isiZulu.

About Ken Wilson-Max

Born in Zimbabwe, Ken Wilson-Max lives in London. He has written and illustrated over 50 books for children. As a younger man, Ken made stories from what he saw in his travels. As he became more experienced and familiar with his surroundings, he saw that everyone had a story to tell. He became determined to inspire others to tell theirs. He found this made his stories much better.

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The charming collection of twenty-four lullabies in My LullaBible for Boys and My LullaBible Girls is perfect for sharing God’s love as you and your child cuddle and bond at bedtime. Your little one will fall asleep peacefully listening to the soothing sound of your voice.

Each lullaby is accompanied by a prayer and Scripture verse that will encourage you in the blessed task in raising children. This is sure to be treasured by both you and your child for years to come.

About Aletté-Johanni Winckler

Aletté-Johanni Winckler has written 3 self-help and motivational books aimed at women, and also wrote 3 children's books & and co-owns a lullaby range consisting of 4 CD’s, 2 DVD’s. Her Lulla-Bible/Lulla-Bybel have sold more than 65 000 copies in South Africa, USA, Australia and the UAE making her a three-time best seller.