Heartlands Baby Sanctuary was established on the 4th of May 2015 in response to the request of the Western Cape Department of Social Development to offer residential care and support for at-risk children from birth to 6 years of age as well as their families.

Heartlands is located in Somerset West in the Western Cape and is a registered Child and Youth Care Centre and a Paediatric Hospice. It provides short term residential care for abandoned, abused, neglected children and children diagnosed with life limiting and life threatening illnesses such as Malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Tuberculosis and other illnesses.

As you enter the doors of Heartlands Baby Sanctuary you are greeted with a cacophony of sounds: babies crying for a cuddle or a bottle, small steps taken by children learning to walk, excited chatter from the children on their way to the nursery school and sing along to nursery rhymes or friendly greetings of staff going about their daily tasks. The children’s stories may vary from abuse to neglect, being orphaned to having a terminal illness but they all have one thing in common

. . . it is every child’s birth-right to belong.

At Heartlands Baby Sanctuary our main aim is to return children in our care to the community, either through reunification, fostering or adoption, giving them again the loving gentleness of a mother`s touch, the warmth and security of a family.

What we do?

Specialised Child Care

The Child and Youth Care Centre and Hospice provide special care to children:

- In the Western Cape and surrounding areas
- Birth to 6 years old

Qualified Nursing Care

A qualified nursing sister heads up the hospice assisted by a medical doctor and four teams of medically trained personnel, comprising of a staff nurse and four child care workers, staff the Child and Youth Care Centre and Paediatric hospice on a 24-hour shift basis.

Place of Safety

Heartlands is not a Children`s Home but a Centre that provides a temporary emergency place of safety for babies and children from birth to six years of age, who have been abused, abandoned and orphaned. Children are removed by child care agencies...

Palliative Care

Heartlands is an organisation that provides paediatric palliative care services, both within a residential and community setting. We care for children with a range of life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses, including cancer, leukaemia, metachromatic leukodystrophy, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS.

Placement of children

Reunification with families - Parents, wherever possible, will be counselled and assisted by the referring agency to overcome the difficulties that gave rise to their children’s predicament. If parents are successfully rehabilitated, their children can return home with the approval of the children`s court...

Early Childhood Stimulation

We provide stimulation programmes to minimise developmental delays. When a child is admitted he or she is assessed by a physiotherapist. An individual development plan is drawn up to include stimulation activities recommended by the physiotherapist at the Interdisciplinary meeting and reviewed once a month.

Multidisciplinary Team

In order to provide quality palliative care a multi-disciplinary care team, consisting of the social worker, professional nurse, medical doctor, Child and Youth Care Worker, primary care giver and any other person who works with the child directly...

Family Care

Children will be cared for until they can be reunited with their families or until alternative suitable community placements can be arranged.

As far as possible, we attempt to ensure that the care...

Community Care

The Community Care program operates under the guidance of a professional nurse and social worker, who visits the child and their primary care giver in the community after the child was cared for by Heartlands In-patient –unit and later placed back with their family...

Help Us Reach Our Goal

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary's main aim is to return children in our care to the community, either through reunification, fostering or adoption, giving them the warmth and security of a family.

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