Heartlands Baby Sanctuary’s primary goal is to afford every child in our care
their “birthright to belong and to be reunited with a loving family”.

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary was established on the 4th of May 2015 in response to the request of the Western Cape Department of Social Development to offer residential care and support for at-risk children.

Heartlands is located in Somerset West in the Western Cape and is a registered Child and Youth Care Centre and a Community Mental Health Facility. The centre provides holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) from birth to six years of age. Children are placed “temporally” with a court order after which the child is either reunited, placed in foster care, and /or adopted. In rare circumstances a child can be placed in another institution if long term care is needed. At one given time Heartlands cares for between 20 to 25 children. Parents are educated to be better equipped in caring for their children, once reunited and back at home.


. . . it is every child’s birth-right to belong.


Heartlands Baby Sanctuary provides care, support and development to vulnerable young children and their families which include high impact health and palliative care services, effective psychosocial services and opportunities to achieve developmental milestones in as short a time as possible.

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What we do?

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary upholds the right of children to alternative care when removed from the family environment,
basic protection, basic nutrition, basic health care services, basic education and stimulation and social services are provided.

Specialised Child Care

The Child and Youth Care Centre provides specialized care to children:

- In the Western Cape and surrounding areas
- Birth to 6 years old

Clinical Programme

A qualified Nursing Sister heads up the hospice and is assisted by a Medical Doctor, four teams of medically trained personal comprising of a Staff Nurse and Child and Youth Care Workers staffing the centre on a 24-hour basis. Heartlands Baby Sanctuary functions...

Pilliative Care

Despite major advances in our capacity to prevent and cure serious conditions of infancy and childhood, there remains a group of children for which cure is not possible. To this group of children Heartlands provides effective palliative care...

Interdisciplinary Team

Every child admitted to Heartlands is assessed by an interdisciplinary team to establish the child’s immediate and future care needs. The interdisciplinary team, consisting of a Social Worker, Professional Nurse and Medical Doctor meet once a month to coordinate and review the care provided to the...


Heartlands is not a Children`s Home but a Centre that provides a temporary place of safety and protection for babies and children from birth to six years of age, who are suffering at the hands of abuse, neglect, abandonment, sick children and disabled children. Heartlands strives to ensure that the care children...

Placement Of Children

The placement of the children is a statutory process and therefor a child can only be admitted at Heartlands by means of a registered statutory social worker and with a valid court order. The procedure of admitting a child at Heartlands is done through Centralised Admissions. Children are placed...

Developmental Programme

The goal of the developmental programme is to stimulate each child in our care effectively and to minimise developmental delays. Furthermore, developmental opportunities are provided which enhance the child’s holistic development and help...

Family Care

Children are cared for until they can be reunited with their families or until alternative suitable community placements can be arranged.

As far as possible, we attempt to ensure that the care...

Community Care

The Community Care Program operates under the guidance of a professional nurse and social worker. After a child is placed back home the nurse and social worker will visit the child and their primary care giver on an out-patient basis. This provides a more effective...

Help Us Reach Our Goal

Heartlands Baby Sanctuary's main aim is to return children in our care to the community, either through reunification, fostering or adoption, giving them the warmth and security of a family.

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794 Old Paardevlei Road, The Interchange, Somerset West, 7130
P.O. Box 3337, Somerset West, 7129
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