Sponsor a Cot

The spiralling costs of care and increased numbers of little ones needing very special care have made it impossible for us to continue our work without the financial support and assistance of the community and corporate companies.

Fact: The monthly cost of nursing one baby in our Sanctuary is R5 500. And here are some more of the items on the monthly Sanctuary care requirement list for each child:

How would you benefit as a donor?

Companies/Individuals and Non-Governmental Organisations such as Heartlands Baby Sanctuary, develop win-win partnerships in which companies/individuals benefit as a result of their support, as per ways identified by the Heartlands team. The most immediate benefit to Heartlands would be financial — based on either a donation or sponsorship of a project.

Benefits to the Company/individual are numerous, depending on the type of donation:
✓ Project sponsorships are mentioned on social media, which would include the company’s/individual`s details.
✓ The inclusion of the company/individual name, logo and details of the donation on the Heartlands Website visited by national and international companies and individuals.
✓ The company`s signage/individual`s name placed on inside acknowledge wall as well as outside.
✓ In terms of Section 18(a) of the South African Income Tax Act of 1962, financial donation to Heartlands is tax deductible.

We believe that through a company’s social responsibility programme (CSI) and individual`s support, they will enable them to publicly demonstrate their support for a far-reaching and worthy cause such as ours and, in so doing will display good Corporate citizenship and be perceived as an organisation/individual supporting solutions to current issues, such as poverty, alcohol-, drug abuse and its effects on South Africa’s most vulnerable citizens — the children.